Fun Ideas

Essential oils are quite the craze but understandably so!  The list of health benefits goes on to the tenth degree.  We wanted to chime in and give some additional ideas as to how you can use your Total Senses pendant, bracelet or car freshener in more than one way.

One of many identifiable scents is COCONUT.  You can immediately feel warmth on your face because we identify coconuts with warm tropical weather and everyone who has ever been to the beach knows that good 'ole coconut suntan lotion scent ~ we all love it.  It reminds us of younger days at the beach.  



 *Other ways to use your Total Senses pendant, bracelet or car diffuser*

  • Use it as a ceiling fan pull, the circulating blades will blow the scent around the room.
  • Does your gym locker or bag smell.  Clip the car diffuser to the side or pocket of your gym back.  It will not only hide the odor but will also assist in removing airborne bacteria (depending on which oil you use).
  • Do your kids wear their sneakers without socks - slide a car diffuser on the tongue or side of their sneaker and freshen them up with some lavender.
  • When you are not wearing your necklace, hang it inside your closet or place it inside one of your drawers, to give your clothes a fresh scent.
  • Always make sure to have a Total Senses necklace or bracelet with you while travelling, if you have to make a road stop in a not so pleasant smelling restroom, you can rely on having the freshest scent with you.